Welcome to Grace Prep!

Grace Prep is now accepting applications on a rolling basis. The new financial aid deadline will be March 24, 2017.  Financial Aid is dispersed based on need and available funds.


Grace Prep is launching our first annual online Silent auction! Visit our Auction page to learn more or see the items at GPA Silent Auction and help support Grace Prep!


Established in 2012, Grace Preparatory Academy of Greater Boston is a private, non-denominational Christian, university-model school that takes the best attributes of homeschooling and combines them with the best attributes of traditional, Christian education. Our mission is to partner with families in the Boston Area to provide an excellent education and to develop authentic disciples of Jesus who are prepared to courageously influence culture for the glory of God.
  • Classes are offered at affordable rates to children in Kindergarten through grade 5.
  • Students attend Grace Prep Mondays and Wednesdays and learn at home on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Students are taught by certified/qualified teachers in multi-grade classrooms.
  • Parents follow teacher-directed curriculum covering Math, English Language Arts, Science, History, Art, Music, and Character Training.
  • Grace Prep Boston is transitioning to a University Model® school associated with the National Association of University Model Schools (www.naums.net).