Welcome to Grace Prep!

Our next INFORMATION NIGHT will be on March 10th and 22nd at 7:00 pm. Please fill out this form to attend and receive the Zoom meeting link. 

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Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are due February 15th.  Applications received after that time are considered on a rolling basis. For more information, email us or visit our admissions page.

Do you daydream of homeschooling, but dismiss your dreams because money is tight and a second income seems necessary?

Are you intrigued but intimidated by the idea of homeschooling?  How would you choose quality curriculum?  What if your child was falling behind and you didn’t even know it?

Maybe you’ve been homeschooling and it’s become a burden too heavy to bear.  You dread sending your child to school, but you just don’t see how you can continue.

Perhaps you’ve been homeschooling, are enjoying the teaching and family time, but think your children need more structure, or more regular interactions with other kids their age?

You might absolutely love homeschooling!  You are ready to do it K-12, but your child has been asking to go to school lately, and your heart drops every time they bring it up.


You should INVESTIGATE Grace Prep!


Our hybrid model is a unique blend of homeschool and Christian private education in the Boston area.

2 days at school and 3 days at home…
…enable your family to have a second, part-time income!

…allow you to spend more quality time with your younger children, who aren’t ready for school yet, while still participating in the education of your older children!
…give your kids both family days and friend days!
…mean your child gets the best of both worlds!  School provides them with a full range of subjects, the chance to learn from someone who is not their parent, and a group setting for games, experiments, team projects, and presentations.  Home gives them one-on-one instruction, a familiar environment with fewer distractions, and the emotional safety of family relationships.

Curriculum selection and pacing, lesson planning, and assessment handled by the school…
…means the time when you’re not actually teaching can be spent on other things!
…lets you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of trained and experienced educators!
…relieves your mind of worrying whether your child knows what they should know, and can do what they should be able to do! 

Small classes…
…help us to see who your child really is, as a learner, as a friend, and as a seeker of Jesus!
…enable our school to tailor the curriculum to your unique learner more than most schools are able to with their classes of 18 or more!
…foster a familial feel in each classroom! 

Christian educators…
…will partner with you in discipling your child, as well as training, advising, and supporting you in your role as a teacher!
…know how to support your learner whether they’re struggling with a difficult concept, need to work at a slower pace, crave additional challenge, or are working to overcome the effects of a learning disability!
…help you to see your child through someone else’s eyes: eyes that have closely observed many other children moving through the same developmental stages and challenges as your own son or daughter!

A close-knit, supportive community of families…
…provides YOU, as well as your children, with friendships, and some much-needed encouragement in the challenging journey of home education!

…shares tips, tricks, and strategies with each other, allowing new homeschoolers to learn from seasoned veterans!