Students playing a phonics game on the lawn.

“With three children and fifteen years of parenting, we have experimented and been involved in different forms of education from public to private to pure homeschooling to the Grace Preparatory Academy model. By far the one that my children and family look back on as the most fruitful and rewarding one, especially in fostering a love for learning, is Grace Prep.”

– Nici, former Grace Prep parent

“I think Grace Prep is a wonderful school because you get to go meet with people and see friends for two days, but then you get to spend time with your family the rest of the time. I loved the way they taught history, science, math and english. The teachers made it fun to learn! I really like how friendly everyone is and how you get to know and become friends with with all the students.” 

– Ruthie, former Grace Prep student

“I like that I’ve been able to stay with the same people and families for a long time. I’ve made really good friends who are always fun to play with. I like doing school in a classroom, in our house, and at a friend’s house sometimes. I also like that mom can take me places to do fun stuff.”

~ Ethan, current Grace Prep Student

“It has been such a joy to witness the growth and progress of my own children and to know that I had a hand in helping them reach their achievement. In addition to this, the friendships that I have made with other parents through Grace Prep are priceless. I am grateful to be on this journey with my children and this loving community of families.”

~ Carina, current Grace Prep Parent and Teacher